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By GotDesign
One of the things that has me a bit steamed is the way much of the media has presented the situation in Iraq as bleak and desperate. Every day, it seems, we are told how many U.S. soldiers were killed or injured and how this increases the overall casualty count. The "Old Media" (a Hugh Hewitt term) wants to make sure you understand that there are plenty of terrorists wreaking havoc and decapitating American aid workers, but gives little notice to the overwhelming good news of Iraq's rise from the ashes of the Saddam Hussein's evil regime. We are even being told by the Kerry-Edwards campaign (and its associated cronies) that the situation in Iraq is a "quagmire" -- they just can't seem to get past Vietnam and its not helping. "Doom, despair, excessive agony," and this is not just a line from a Hee Haw song, its the official position of the Democratic Party.

When I checked my e-mail this morning, much to my surprise, I found an article by Arthur Chrenkoff in the Wall Street Journal's Opinion Journal that focuses entirely on the actual situation in Iraq. Mr. Chrenkoff spends a great deal of time chronicling the status of Iraqi society (with some emphasis on women), the economy, reconstruction efforts, humanitarian aid, coalition troops, and security matters. It is a great article, especially if you want something other than what the doom and gloom crowd is peddling. And I particularly like the final line of Mr. Chrenkoff's article:

The obstacles are considerable, the challenges huge, but day by day the Iraqi people, assisted by the coalition and people of goodwill from around the world, are slowly forging ahead with the task of reconstructing their country--and more importantly--reconstructing themselves.

Not sugar-coated, but straightforward. Once again, hats off to Arthur Chrenkoff for bringing the truth about Iraq and not allowing the Naysayers to stand unchallenged.


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  1. theJackal 5:31 PM
    i only have a few questions of the US Government, why are they bombing the crap out of places, due to "terrorist action", why do they seem to be doing nothing to understand why there being attacked. all those "terrorists" didn't just go bomb the wtc cos they thought it would be a fun thing to do, they most probably had a reason, this reason is what we are being deprived of. im not saying all those people needed to die, being christian myself, i detest all forms of murder. I belive theres a lot more to it than the media let on. Im going to presume the NAFTA - or North American Free Trade Agreement, has something to do with it.
    meh, theres my 2 cents.
  2. GotDesign 8:38 AM
    The U.S. continues to bomb terrorist enclaves because they realize that understanding the terrorist does nothing to remediate his actions. Islamic terrorism is born out a hate for America and all things American. Terrorists who act for socioeconomic reasons don't cloak themselves in religious terms, but claim to act in the cause of social justice. They also begin their activity by trying to work within the system first.

    NAFTA benits all of North America and, to my knowledge, has not spawned any terrorist activity. NAFTA merely lifts economic barriers to trade between the signatory nations. NAFTA brings higher paying jobs to countries like Mexico, and reduces the cost of living in the U.S. through lower product costs. The only recent terrorist activity within the NAFTA countries has been in Southern Mexico. The Mexican insurgency has been due to economic stagnation within that southern province and their argument has been with the government of Mexico, not NAFTA.

    Thanks for your "two cents."
  3. theJackal 5:15 AM
    just curious, ever listened to "Rage Against the Machine" or watched any of thier videos?



    our concepts on terrorisim may just be wars cast with words. but the aformentioned pages do have an interesting amount of detail.
  4. GotDesign 8:41 AM
    First, I never listen to political commentary from actors or musicians. They rarely have any qualifications to make such comments and they live in a world so far removed from reality that they surely are seeing with rose-colored glasses (or whatever shade color).

    As for Noam Chomsky, the man hates America and never misses a moment to let people know. If Mr. Chomsky had his way, we would all be "fellow travellers" down the path to "the workers paradise."

    Thanks for your comments.

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