Let's Get This Party Started

By GotDesign
Those who know me know that I love to talk about practically anything. Politics, current events, Christianity, graphic design, particle physics (it's true), movies -- I'll talk about anything. So, please take me up on this. In the meantime, I will be posting (as often as possible) on whatever thoughts bubble up from the dark nether regions of my brain.

Who am I? I'm a Christian (first and foremost). I'm a husband (God blessed me greatly). I'm an American and a soldier. I'm a graphic designer. I'm a music lover. I'm a Star Wars fan. I am many things that would take some time to explain (stay tuned); but, simply put -- I'm Aaron.

I hope that I can keep on top of my blogging responsibilities (self-assigned, I'm sure). I'm a busy man. Apart from my full-time job, I'm also working on an MBA at the University of Louisville. On top of my studies, I also teach an ABF (or "sunday school" class) at Southeast Christian Church, here in Louisville. And, to top things off, I'm also trying to sell my condo. I hope to be able to post every other day (or preferably more often).

I want to thank someone who inspires me (other than God). To Hugh Hewitt -- thanks for blazing a trail for the truth. While the guys at PowerLine blog may have led the charge regarding CBS' "Rathergate," it was Hugh who marshalled the forces on the radio airwaves and kept America focused on the issues. He's a great radio talkshow host and (I'm sure) a good Christian and husband.

Signing off, for now.

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