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Over the weekend, I couldn't help but notice the reports that Sen. John Kerry spent his Sunday in church. This in itself is an oddity. But, was he there to worship? No, he actually went to a mostly-black church in Columbus, Ohio to campaign. And he also attended a specially-arranged mass in Chillicothe on Saturday. Last weekend, Sen. Kerry "visited" two Miami-area churches with Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (I will not refer to either of these gentlemen as "reverend") in tow. Sen. Kerry is not known for his faith or his being a regular in church (except during campaigns).

On the other hand, President Bush also spent Sunday in church. But the President was in the church to worship. The President sang hymns of praise, bowed his head in prayer, and was there to be taught by the minister. A church is a "house of God." The church was instituted to be a place where Christians come together to praise and worship God, hear the word of God taught, and to be mutually encouraged through shared fellowship and community.

Churches have been threatened for years with the revocation of their tax-exempt status should they espouse a political opinion (supposedly for one party/candidate or the other). Every time President Bush steps into a church, someone in America starts shouting about separation of church and state or the supposed conspiracy to convert American government into a theocracy. Many liberals have even objected when churches organize voter registration drives. But when a liberal candidate, like Sen. Kerry, visits a church and makes campaign statements, liberals shout something else -- "Preach on, brother!" Hypocrisy? I think so.

Last weekend I heard about a Democractic Tennessee State Representative who was circulating a flier (see below) that read: "A Vote for George Bush is Like Running in the Special Olympics -- Even if You Win, You're Still Retarded." I was sickened. My wife, a mental health therapist, was sickened. If a Republican had circulated a similar flier about John Kerry, he would have denounced very vocally as a bigot and his flier as hate speach. Hypocrisy? I think so.


The remarkable thing about liberal hypocrisy is that Republicans will not engage in the same games. It says something about the character of Republicans. They will not play tit for tat games. Taking the higher road.

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