Superman -- R.I.P. 2004

By GotDesign
I have always been a Superman fan. For me, Superman represents all that is good about the United States. "Truth, Justice and the American Way," have always been embodied by the Man of Steel. For my father's generation, the Last Son of Krypton was represented by George Reeves. But in my generation, Christopher Reeve was our Superman. While I do not care for the politics of Christopher Reeve, I always admired his protrayal of Superman. Christopher Reeve passed away on Sunday after suffering a cardiac arrest on Saturday. I'm sure that we will all see the television networks playing Reeve films, including -- of course -- the Superman films. We will also hear more and more about the "Superman Curse."

My prayers go out to the Reeve family.

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  1. theJackal 5:23 AM
    Oh the irony, this implicates that truth and justice have been perverted, and the american way has become a lifestyle where 33% of all people are living of Mackers(McDonalds).. which it sadly has.
  2. GotDesign 8:17 AM
    To a certain extent, I would agree. This country was founded by Christian men who established this nation on a moral foundation. But today, we are told we cannot legislate morality. We are told to be tolerant of others, but what is really desired is acceptance, not tolerance. And that same tolerance is not extended to Christians -- to muslims, budhists, atheists, etc., but not Christians.

    To an unfortunate extent, Truth and Justice are becoming less and less the American Way.

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