Family Time

By GotDesign
For the past four days I have been in Cincinnati visiting my family. My wife and I drove up on Thanksgiving morning (it's only a two-hour drive) and arrived shortly before lunch. We had a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner of the usual fare -- mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes, green beans, salad, and, of course, turkey. My mother did a wonderful job on everything.

On Saturday, my father's side of the family traditionally gets together to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is done because my father's family is spread pretty widely across the United States. And while I enjoy this annual gathering, it sometimes befuddles me. There are members of my extended family whom I do not know. Haven't the foggiest. And I know that every year, without fail, I'm asking the same questions. "She's whose wife? ... Oh, that must be her child eating the pudding from the serving bowl. ... Are you sure they're related to us?" I spent a good half an hour talking with my cousin Alex about family members we couldn't identify.

We had another fabulous Thanksgiving meal followed by our traditional White Elephant gift game. For those of you who don't know, a White Elephant gift is one where the gift is meant entirely as a gag. For instance, for the past 10 years (at least) my extended family has been passing back and forth a Woody Woodpecker piƱata. It shows up every year, usually in some new disguise or costume. This year Woody was sporting a floral print shirt with Bermuda shorts and hastily improvised flip-flops. Among other White Elephant gifts past are the cheesey romance novels, knitted toilet paper cozies, and the much coveted bag of drier lint. But suffice it to say that much fun was had by all.

I enjoy time with my family. It is a constant reminder that God provides.

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