Four More Years

By GotDesign
In 2000, I cast my vote for George W. Bush by absentee. When the elections took place, I was in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. As much as I could, I gathered around a radio or (rarely) TV and waited for BBC World News to relay the latest news. I was in Ethiopia to do some missions and humanitarian work with refugees. All of the refugees I worked with were constantly grilling me about the American political system and were espousing their support for George Bush. When I finally got the news of Bush's narrow victory, I was greatly relieved.

Last night, I was thoroughly convinced of George Bush's reelection. I was confident even when my neighbors erupted in glee at the announcement that Kerry had won California (like that was a surprise). I finally went to bed at 1 a.m. when FoxNews called Ohio for Bush. I knew that regardless of provisional ballots or the disposition of the remaining uncalled states, George Bush had won reelection. As I prepared for bed, I prayed that God would allow for an uncontested result for the elections. I prayed that the Nation would be spared an extended deliberation regarding any potential legal or ballot issues. It is my hope that Sen. Kerry will concede defeat and not attempt to drag this out; although Sen. Edwards has made a statement that the Kerry-Edwards ticket would "fight for every vote." It would not surprise me if the Democrats go kicking and screaming into defeat. It's their nature.

I am also glad to see that the Republicans have cemented a solid majority in both the House and Senate. I feel a certain amount of glee in the triumph of John Thune over Tom Daschle. The Republicans have gained 5 seats in the Senate, and I'm sure their first task will be to clear up the backlog of judicial appointments that Daschle and friends contemptuously blocked. I also think that Congress should begin developing guidelines to eliminate voter registration fraud. I think it would be prudent for Congress to develop some basic guidelines for preventing fraud. Such guidelines might include the requirement of photo ID to validate eligibility and citizenship requirements for registration. But, regardless of Congress' agenda for the 109th Congress, I am glad that obstructionism has been swept out of the way.

Despite the attitude of the Kerry-Edwards ticket, I am confident of the final results -- four more years of George W. Bush. Strong leadership for a stronger America.

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