They Also Serve...

By GotDesign

I want to take a moment, like so many other bloggers, to remember our veterans. Being a veteran myself, I have a few particulars I want to address.

First, let us remember the level of sacrifice and service being given by the men and women of our armed services. Jesus once said that there was no greater love than that exhibited by someone who would willingly sacrifice his/her life for a friend. How much more so when the sacrifice is being made for complete strangers and foreigners? Men and women currently serving in the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force join the long line of heroes of the past who have "given the last full measure of devotion" to a grateful nation (and sometimes an ungrateful nation). They don't do this for recognition or for pay (definitely not for the pay). Deep in the hearts of the American Armed services beats a refrain for freedom and selfless service.

Praise be to God, the Author of Freedom, for the selfless service and sacrifice of the men and women of the Armed Services of the United States of America -- the Champions of Freedom.

I also want to bring special notice the Reserve and National Guard components of our Armed Services. Some would say, "they're only reservists/national guardsmen." They would disparage Reservists and National Guardsmen. And in the past, there may have been reason. But today's Reservists and National Guardsmen are no less noble than their brothers and sisters on active duty. I spent a majority of my service in the Army Reserves. While I was not called upon to serve in any of the recent conflicts (Panama, Gulf War, Balkans, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq), I was called to be ready for deployment at a moment's notice. I served in a reserve unit that was part of the Special Operations Command and was therefore required to maintain a greater level of readiness, both physically and occupationally. For instance, I was required to meet a higher standard of physical fitness than that of most active duty servicemen. I was also required, among other things, to complete a 10 km ruck march (with a 70 lb ruck sack and full battle gear) in under 2 hours (my best time was around 50 min.). So don't poo poo Reservists and National Guardsmen. John Milton once wrote, "They also serve who only stand and wait." While I'm not sure of the context of the poem in which this line was written, but it certainly applies to our Reservists and Guardsmen.

Praise be to God for the brave and ready men and women of Reserve and National Guard components of the Armed Services. Standing in the gap and prepared to join the battle for Freedom.


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