Who is GotDesign?

By GotDesign
After surfing some other blogs, I thought maybe you'd like to know a little more about me. A little narcissistic, but I can live with that.

First, I am a Christian. That means that I have accepted Jesus the Christ as my savior. This does not mean that I'm some mindless slave to religious dogma. It means that I have accepted the Bible as the literal word of God and as the basis for my worldview (how I view the world). I am a member at Southeast Christian Church here in Louisville. Southeast runs approximately 18,000 in attendance over 3 services each weekend. I am a "Sunday School" teacher and I volunteer in providing guidance to new members or people who are becoming Christians. I strive at all times to bring glory to God -- most of the time I succeed, other times I fail. By God's grace the latter outcome will dwindle.

Second, I am husband. I got married in June 2002 and have been in absolute wedded bliss ever since. God brought me an angel -- my wife -- for whom I am eternally grateful. I couldn't ask for anyone better than my wife. Because of this blessing, I have dedicated my married life to loving my wife beyond her greatest expectations. It is my goal to be extolling the virtues of my angel until the day I die and am taken to my Lord.

I am currently a student. But more properly, I should say that, I am an eternal student. I am always studying this or that. While I am currently working on my MBA degree, I also pursue personal areas of study. These include the first century Roman Empire, the U.S. Civil War, U.S. Cold War history and foreign policy, warrior cultures throughout the world, and anything else intriguing that comes along.

I am a soldier. I served just over 11 years in both the active duty Army and the Army Reserves. I left the Army in 1997 as a Staff Sergeant (E-6). I was a Polish linguist and an intelligence analyst. During my service, I worked in an infantry battalion, a psychological operations battalion, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, and at the Defense Intelligence Agency. I am extremely proud of my service.

I am a graphic designer. I love bring creative images to live through graphic design. I primarily use the Adobe suite of design software for my work. But I occasionally use Macromedia Flash as well. You can view some of my work at DeviantArt.

I am originally from Cincinnati, OH, although I currently live in Louisville, KY. I graduated from Miami University with a B.A. in Diplomacy & Foreign Affairs. I began a master's degree in international relations and political theory (with emphasis on democratization and regime change), but interrupted my studies to take a paid internship with Congressman Rob Portman.

This should at least give you some idea of where I am coming from and, to some extent, where I am going. I will field questions (selectively) from the peanut gallery.

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