Humpty Dumpty Was Pushed!

By GotDesign
While I am not extremely surprised, I am still angered that a reporter planted questions with soldiers to be asked of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. I completely understand and agree with the Secretary's answer -- our troops have always been required to fight without 100% of everything they need. In World War II, American troops were undertrained and unprepared for combat. In Vietnam, troops did not have proper boots for use in a jungle environment. The U.S. Military has been under siege by Democrats since the early 1990s. The Peace Dividend meant we didn't need as many troops or weapons -- after all, we didn't have anyone to fight any more. But, as always, the U.S. Military has done a phenomenal jobs in all circumstances.

Anyother thing that angers me about this report is that Pitts (the reporter) used American soldiers to try to discredit Rumsfeld and the American military. I don't know why the soldiers were complicit with this reporter. It is entirely possible that the soldiers were merely showing respect to a civilian reporter. Maybe some had thoughts of their names in print. Or maybe they relished the thought of talking to the Secretary of Defense. I don't know. I just think this reporter needs to fall off the back of the Humvee he's riding in. Ooops!

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