The Warnock Protocol?

By GotDesign
The lunacy continues. As many of you will well remember the Groningen Protocol -- the guidelines being proposed by a Netherlands hospital to select babies and others without free will to be euthanized. Well, now "Britain's leading medical ethics expert" is recommending senior citizens voluntarily commit suicide to spare families a "financial burden." The Times of London posts an article about Baroness Warnock's recommendation that those who might cause their families a "burden" should consider shuffling off this mortal coil voluntarily. The Baroness also has stated that "parents of premature babies should be charged to keep them on life support machines if doctors write off their chances of leading a healthy life."

Please read this article. Please pass it along. While I understand that every nut who holds these kinds of ideas will get press time because of the growing concern raised by the Groningen Protocol (it sells papers), these people must be challenged about their utilitarian views on life. Next thing you know, someone will propose offing children because they add nothing to the GDP. We have to re-instill a culture of valuing life. If we do not, we will have learned nothing from the horrors of the Nazis.

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