Live Blogging the Innaugural

By GotDesign
I'm watching the innauguration of President Bush on C-SPAN (can't seem to get FoxNews to work). They just completed the first prayer (Michael Newdow, get a life!). A great prayer. A prayer to endow a servant with strength for his task.

I've noticed (as Bless This House is being sung) that all of the music, so far, has been largely spiritual in nature. You go, George! One of the things that I most love about George W. Bush is that he is not afraid to stand up for his Christian beliefs in a time when the MSM and others would have you believe that Christianity is a system of biggotry and hate. God Bless George Bush and the United States of America.

The Oath -- 11:58 am
The Chief Justice (sounding a little shaky) just administered the Oath of Office. Despite protestations of his ability to retain office, I think the Chief Justice will retire within 6 months.

The Speech -- 12:00 pm
As expected, the President's speech is focusing largely on the expansion of freedom throughout the globe. Not an imposition of democracy but the guided expression of a nation's desire to be free.

Speech (cont.) -- 12:10 pm
It sounds like the President is setting up a mandate to provide assistance to any nation that desires assistance in democratization. I have been advocating this approach for years. The United States has been without a guiding ideal (a la Cold War fight against Communism) and Presidents Bush (41) and Clinton missed an awesome opportunity to set the path of American foreign policy for the foreseeable future. FDR set the path for American for 50 years, George Bush now has this same opportunity.

Demostic Policy (cont.) -- 12:15 pm
No surprise the President is, once again, promoting his Ownership Society. It's how nations are built and economies are expanded.

[An aside: I can tell a lot of folks are blogging due to the sluggishness of Blogger]

This speech is beginning to sound a lot like Reagan. Very forward looking, aspiring to the potential greatness of America. (I'm also hearing some nut in the crowd screaming something unintelligible) What a great speech!

The speech has just finished. And now the commentary begins.


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