The MSM is Catching On

By GotDesign
Last night, while channel surfing, I came across Scarborough Country on MSNBC. Scarborough was discussing the recent resignation of CNN News chief Eason Jordan and the role played by the blogosphere in Easongate. Scarborough had a guest on (whose name I cannot recall) who kept trying to suggest that bloggers were pajama-clad and performed no fact checking. While his guest's activities are no surprise, I was surprised at Scarborough's efforts to head off his guest's evident commentary. You see, his guest would start down a line of discussion that would inevitably lead to Pajamas and "no fact checking," but then Scarborough would head him off and move to another line of questioning. Scarborough wound up his discussion of Easongate and the Blogosphere by saying that the blogosphere is the perfect counterbalance for the MSM.

Earlier in the evening, on my way home from class, Hugh Hewitt was playing segments from both FoxNews and CNN on the Blogosphere and Easongate. It is beginning to appear that the MSM is finally catching on. Finally. A little late, don't you think?

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