On The Radio Again

By GotDesign
Last night, I had the opportunity to be on the Dr. Albert Mohler radio program. Yesterday, Dr. Mohler's program was focused on the Blogosphere and how it's revolutionizing the news and commentary media. Dr. Mohler asked for callers on the subject of Christian blogging and how Christians can use blogs. I was actually surprised that I got through -- practically without waiting. When I called, Dr. Mohler started interviewing me about Christian blogs. He asked for an example of a good Christian blog. I recommended Mark D. Roberts' blog -- it is updated daily with a thematic series of messages. I was ready with several other examples (Cord of Three, My Damascus Road, Stones Cry Out, etc.), but I could tell Dr. Mohler wanted to move on to some questions. Dr. Mohler asked how Christians can make use of blogs in their daily walk. As I said last night, blogs offer Christians a wealth of resources, opinions, and opportunities to strengthen your spiritual walk. As a virtual community, blogs are a good place to read about spiritual beliefs and challenge and be challenged by them.

Hopefully, Christians are out exploring the Blogosphere. I know there are some, as I get occasional comments or e-mails from Christians who visit GotDesign. If you are a Christian, please consider encouraging your Christian brothers and sisters to look for Christian blogs as an additional resource for encouragement and spiritual growth.

UPDATE: Dr. Mohler posts an archive of his programs. Here is a link to an MP3 of Tueday's program. Dr. Mohler begins his program on blogs by interviewing Hugh Hewitt about his new book, Blog.

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