Why the Hatred?

By GotDesign
Hate what runs contrary to your line of thinking. If you don't subscribe to a given mode of thought, hate it. That seems to be the paradigm in Belgium, at least. It has become the latest social movement to put a decal in your urinal that has a caricature of President George Bush with the admonition "Go Ahead, Piss On Me."

Now, I'm old enough to remember Europeans burning effigies of Presidents Reagan and Bush (41), for whatever reasons they could come up with (Pershing Missiles, etc.). Why is it that is acceptable in Europe (the home of intellectual dissent -- Diderot, salons, etc.) hate people because their ideologies run contrary to your own? I could rant on about this, but this is to simple a question to clutter it with excess rhetoric. Why guild the lily?

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