Battle Over Evolution

By GotDesign
I'm sure you've heard about how hot liberals can get when you posit teaching that evolution is anything other than fact or propose teaching other origin theories other than evolution. But according to a new article I just received from a friend (thanks Chip), policymakers are beginning to question the science behind the theory of evolution.

While I am encouragement by this movement to call into question the underpinnings of evolution, I am even more heartened by the idea that intellectual diversity is being introduced in the classroom. While I am a conservative and a Christian, I form my opinions not by kow-towing to a "party line," but by investigating issues and options and coming to position through a reasoned approach. Even when I take my opinions from the Bible, I do not do so blindly, but strive to understand God's plan for my life. I don't want thinking and debate to become lost practices. If we allow anyone to merely give us our opinions, wisdom will cease to be. I define wisdom as the judicious application of knowledge to a given issue or problem. We must continue to think -- I mean really think -- about the issues that confront us individually and collectively or we will be slaves to those who control public information (the MSM).


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