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I want to recognize someone special. Lana Jacobs is a St. Francis Catholic worker (not sure what that means). Lana attempted yesterday to enter Woodside Hospice -- where Terri Schiavo is being kept -- and tried to give Terri some water. Ms. Jacobs was arrested. If I had to guess, I'd say she will probably be charged with Contempt of Court for trying to give a starving woman some water.

"When you give a cup of cold water in My name...."

UPDATE: I am really struggling with a desire to advocate Civil Disobedience. I really want to encourage people to disobey the court orders and attempt to feed or give water to Terri Schiavo. But if I do, on what grounds can I object to those who commit crimes to oppose war or something similar? I cannot stand those who commit crimes and claim "war is never the answer," or "Bush is Hitler," or bomb an abortion clinic or something similar. I fully understand the moral situation in the Terri Schiavo case. And I would posit that claims of moral justification in the cases cited above are dubious, at best.

At what point can one rightfully call for civil disobedience? Where do we draw the lines in cases of moral justification for criminal activity? I am not in any way withdrawing my support for Ms. Jacobs (above), but can I call for similar acts of kindness and civil disobedience?

Please let me know what you think?

UPDATE 2: I have posted a piece on Cardinal Coalition in hopes of spurring a debate over Terri Schiavo and civil disobedience. I am truly conflicted on the whole issue. If we do not stand up when cases like this are before us, will moral issues like the value of human life be lost? If we do take action, will being labelled as "radicals" reduce our effectiveness? What is the answer? Is there an answer?


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