Just Say It!

By GotDesign
Come on, all of you scientists, just say it! Repeat after me, "We...don't...know." Scientists found a skull in Indonesia. Only the skull. But they have already built an entirely "new species" of humans around this one skull. The AP report states that the scientists worked with "powerful imaging computers" to put together the entire skeleton of the species they're calling "Hobbit." It must be an extremely powerful computer if it can create an entire body from just the skull. Why can't they just say, "we don't know?"

Can you remember when you were in elementary school? It seems that every school had at least one kid with an apparently oversized head. Or the kid who was only 8, but was the size of a 14-year old? One of the wonderful things about human development is the extreme variety that is seen. Just think of the famous variants in human development. Growing up, I remember the wrestler (although I have never followed wrestling) Andre "the Giant" Roussimoff. I've even seen a Biography on Andre. On the other hand, there is Verne Troyer who played Mini-Me in Mike Myers' Austin Powers films. While Mr. Troyer may not be the smallest man, he is generally representative of those who are popularly called "dwarfs." From just a skull, there is no practical way to determine the former owner's height, weight, etc. Now, I'll admit that educated guesses can be made, but just remember the variation mentioned above.

Another big giveaway these scientists really don't know is the dating of the bones that were found. Scientists dated the bones to between 95,000 to 12,000 years ago. Earlier this week, I was listening to Hugh Hewitt talking about World Health Organization figures for the potential death toll from a worldwide outbreak of avian or "bird" flu. The WHO (not the rock group) estimates a death toll between 2 and 50 million people. Hugh's comment was that any time the number range is greater than 100%, they really just don't know. So, come on, between 95,000 and 12,000 years ago? Just tell me you don't know.


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