Premeditated Murder

By GotDesign
It would seem that Michael Schiavo is determined to have his ex-wife, Terri Schiavo, put to death. He has recently rejected offers of $1 Million and $10 Million to give up his rights to decide his former wife's fate. Recently, Judge George Greer denied the request of Florida's Department of Children & Families to investigate allegations of abuse and neglect being made against Michael Schiavo. Mr. Schiavo has repeatedly turned down offers by Terri's parents and family to take over her hospitalization and care.

I just learned that the judge who denied the request of the department of Children & Families is a Christian. Judge Greer attends a Southern Baptist Church in Clearwater, Florida. Members have begun calling Judge Greer and sending him e-mails in attempts to sway him. His response to the attempts by his fellow Christians is to stop attending his church and to quit giving to the church. How can Judge Greer not understand his Christian duty here? Doesn't he understand his duty to God is of greater importance than his duty to the courts? And he could accomplish his duties in both respects without compromising legal or moral ethics. He could end the whole fiasco by ordering Michael Schiavo to accept the requests to assume guardianship by Terri's parents.

How can anyone not see that Mr. Schiavo is determined to murder his ex-wife through the guise of legal action? It reminds me of the Baby Doe case from 1982. Care was available and cost was not an issue, but the courts ordered the hospital to allow the infant child to die from starvation. How can we stand back and allow an obvious murder?


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