A Rant

By GotDesign
There have been several things that have recently tweaked my ire. Some of them you will no doubt guess. Others you have probably have been able to see in retrospect.

Terri Schiavo is on her last legs. She has been given a second set of last rights in preparation for her passing. There is still a desire within me to call for more vocal opposition to the acts of Terri's estranged husband. But I won't. I still feel that Michael Schiavo is acting without regard for Terri or her family. Michael's only concern is Michael and his own bank account. We cannot allow this incident to pass us by without doing something to keep it from happening again. We must try to establish laws to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Whenever we have such a case, we must ALWAYS err on the side of life.

Last week, here in Louisville, a 17 yr old young man shot a policeman and then turned the gun on himself. Officer Peter Grignon will be buried today after a funeral at Southeast Christian Church. The community has been rocked by this senseless act of violence. The 27 yr old Grignon celebrated his first wedding anniversary only two weeks ago. He loved being on the Louisville Metro Police Department -- it was a life-long dream to be a policeman. We must not let this tragic event pass without attempting to prevent future occurrences. We must take steps to teach our youth that murder is never an acceptable answer to any problem. Human life is too precious to be treated this casually. Parents, retake control of your children's upbringing! You can reshape the future of our society by retaining possession of your children's education and by grooming them for a responsible adulthood. You should not leave the training of your children to people like Tupac, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg. M-TV should not be the source of your children's morals. We can change our society, but only if we are willing to take responsibility for that society.

Last night, as I was watching television, I watched commercials by the United Church of Christ. While I know that these commercials have been around for a while, I have not yet taken the opportunity to make my commentary about it. The commercial shows a church where velvet ropes has been position at the church steps and is manned by bouncers. The bouncers are selectively admitting people to the church building in the background. Among those who are prevented from entering the church are a male homosexual couple, a young black man, and an hispanic woman. The United Church of Christ is trying to say that they will accept homosexuals where other churches will not. The commercial says that Jesus accepted everyone. But what the commercial doesn't say is that, while Jesus did accept everyone, he required them to change from their sinful ways. The religious leaders of Jesus' time tried to trap Jesus by bringing him a woman caught in adultery for his judgment. Jesus told her accusers that the one without sin should "cast the first stone." But, after her accusers left, Jesus told her "Go, and sin no more." In the same way, Christian churches should welcome homosexuals, but should also require that they give up their sinful lives. The Bible is entirely clear about the sinful nature of homosexuality. But it does not say that homosexuality is any more sinful than stealing pens from the office or murdering a crippled woman. The United Church of Christ is merely trying to increase their attendance at the expense of Biblical truth. They are willing to diosregard certain truths (sometimes painful truths) in order to maintain or increase attendance, and offering levels.

Thus endeth the rant.


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