Suppression of the Truth

By GotDesign
I was just over at Sue Bob's Diary. She has posted the opinion of Dr. Boyle of the University of Miami (FL) regarding a 1996 CT scan of Terri Schiavo's brain. According to Dr. Boyle:
I have seen many walking, talking, fairly coherent people with worse cerebral/cortical atrophy. Therefore, this is in no way prima facie evidence that Terri Schiavo's mental abilities or/or capabilities are completely eradicated. I cannot believe such testimony has been given on the basis of this scan.
The problem is that Michael Schiavo has had the courts seal Terri's medical records. According to the Schindler family (Terri's aprents) lawyers, Michael has refused any attempts to have Terri's true condition officially diagnosed or any diagnostics given.

Again, the truth is being suppressed. Why would Michael do that? Sounds a bit nefarious, to me.


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