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By GotDesign
There is no possible way that you cannot have heard about the death of Pope John Paul II. Both cable and broadcast networks have been showing little else. In case you haven't been paying much attention, this morning I received a piece from the WSJ's Opinion Journal that was posted on Saturday after the Pope's death. The piece is entitled A Man for All Seasons. Go and check it out.

While I am neither a Catholic nor an appreciator of Catholicism, I do have an appreciation for Pope John Paul II. As has been rightly said by many, John Paul II is as responsible for the downfall of Communism in the former Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact as President Ronal Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. John Paul II also stood up for the sanctity of life -- sometimes maddeningly (as in the case of the war in Iraq). For these two things, I will honor the man, Pope John Paul II.

UPDATE: I wanted to extend my remarks regarding the death of Pope John Paul II. And I will do so by directing you to Albert Mohler's recent comments on his blog entitled -- Pope John Paul II -- The Man and His Legacy. Enjoy.


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