Mixed Bag

By GotDesign
I just recently finished reading Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. And, as my title implies, it was a mixed bag. I loved the way the author presented emotional content and motivations. There are sections where the author specifically writes: "This is what [character] is feeling now:." Since so much of Anakin Skywalker's fall into darkness is about unmanaged emotions and confusion of motives, it is helpful having the author give you insight into Anakin's thoughts and emotions. However, the author does not follow the movie. While no one has seen the movie yet, I do know that there are certain scenes that were not in the novel. If you go to the Star Wars website, you can watch video clips of various theatrical trailers and TV ads. From these video snippets I know that there will be scenes showing Kashyyyk -- the homeworld of the Wookies. However, these scenes do not appear in the novel. Other scenes not novelized include the (spoiler warning -- highlight to read:) clone troopers turning on and murdering the Jedi (end). These scenes are eluded to, but not detailed or fleshed out.

Despite these drawbacks, I enjoyed the book. It was a quick read (mostly due to my eagerness). You also get to find out why the Force is out of balance and how Anakin brings balance, as well as how Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda come back as "ghosts" whereas previous Jedi have not come back. Really cool stuff. But, hey, I'm a Star Wars geek.


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