Pure Hate

By GotDesign
It never ceases to amaze me when I see some new Liberal expression of hatred towards President Bush. Drudge recently highlighted a t-shirt (see below) that featured artwork saying "Kill Bush." Thankfully, some saner minds prevailed. CafePress.com, an online marketplace for those who wish to independently seel products via the Net, has pulled the "Kill Bush" shirt because it has policies against "hate-related materials." Good for them!

UPDATE: Here is another Bush-Hatred incident. An "art gallery" at the Columbia College in Chicago is being investigated by the Secret Service because of a piece in the exhibition "The Axis of Evil: The Secret History of Sin." The piece in question is a replica of a postage stamp featuring President Bush with a gun to his head (below).

Aren't these the same people who coined the phrase, "Hate is not a family value"?


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