By GotDesign
Today, my wife and I are celebrating our third wedding anniversary. And while we may focus specifically on our three years of marriage, we also celebrate each day that we're together. I think that there are too many people who only celebrate such achievement on the days set aside for such remembrances. But my wife and celebrate each day. Every day, and several times each day, I tell my wife that I love her. And she never seems to tire of hearing it. I keep thinking that I need to find some other way to say it, lest the words "I love you" become commonplace. I want such professions of my affections to keep their meaning. But my wife tells me she never tires of hearing those same three words.

Monday was my 37th birthday. But I realized that each day I wake up with a present right there in the bed with me. Every day is worth celebration. God has blessed me beyond my deserving. It is my deepest desire that fifty years from now I have these same feelings of deep love and desire for my wife. The only way that this will happen is I can keep my focus on loving God and loving my wife. Make everything else secondary.

Husbands, love your wives. I mean really love your wives. Put everything else in a lesser position in your life. Do things for your wives that let them know, without words, that she is deeply love and held in highest esteem.

Wife, love and respect your husbands. Truly love your husbands and encourage them through showing them respect. Many men don't care for gushy talk and emotional outpour. Find other ways to show your love and respect for him.

Parents, show your love for your spouse in front to your children. Children learn not only from their school teachers, but also from your example. Take it from my experience, your children will learn what it means to love your spouse from how you show this love to them within the house. Make sure that your children see your love for your spouse -- regardless of their age. They may cringe and say "yuck," but they need to see it and will praise you in your old age because of it.

Thus endeth the rant.

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