Into the Stretch

By GotDesign
Last night, I started my last MBA class. I am taking a course in consulting where I will actually consult with a local company and lend assistance in some area of their business. I have not yet received my company assignment, but when I took this course previously, I was assigned to consulting with a major manufacturing company. I look forward to this course not just because it is my last MBA class, but also because of the practical experience I will receive.

I am really looking forward to having more time to spend with my lovely and talented wife. I will also have more time for church and personal projects. And, God willing, if we buy a house, I can spend time fixing up the house (yes, something I'm looking forward to). Time has been on a premium, so I'm looking forward to having more of it.

Once I know more about my consulting assignment, I will fill y'all in (that's Kentucky speak). Check back early next week.


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