Wanna Be Batman?

By GotDesign
Well, just come up with about $6.4 billion. In a recent article -- Being Batman -- Forbes Magazine author David M. Ewalt speculates that Bruce Wayne's net worth is about $6.3B. The fictional Bruce Wayne rates 7th on Forbes' "Fictional Fifteen" -- a list of the estimated net worth of fictional characters. In case you can't wait for your browser to load, Santa Clause is No. 1.

I don't know about you, but I definitely have thought about becoming a masked vigilante. Every time I hear someone driving up and down the street with their bass cranked up and feel the earth shake from the rumble, I want to put on my camouflage and grab a pair of wire cutters. So if you hear stories of a stealthy vandal disabling car stereos, keep it to yourself.

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