The Insanity Starts

By GotDesign
Normally, a presidential campaign begins 18 to 24 months prior to the general election. But, instead of waiting until Fall 2006, some fanatics have already started a presidential campaign for Hillary Clinton. Hillary Now has even gone so far as to create TV ads for this campaign. Total insanity.

We need to elect a greater Republican majority in 2006. We need to pack more Republicans into both the Senate and the House. We need this Republican supermajority for two main reasons: 1) to return the legislature to the country's conservative roots, and 2) as a bulwark against the potential that Hillary might get elected. I know, God forbid that Hillary actually be elected, but I never would have thought that John Kerry could get as many votes as he did. Plus, there was a greater degree of fraud in the 2004 election than we have seen in recent years (case in point -- the Washington state gubernatorial election). And, unless we get the activist judges under control, they could hand the election to someone truly unelected. If, God forbid, Hillary should be elected, having a Republican supermajority in Congress would prevent the worst from happening. In such a case, a President Clinton II would only be left with foreign policy -- and we know how little use the Clintons have for foreign policy.

Let's get out and get more Republicans in Congress. Let's also push Congress to control the courts. Let me know what you think.

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