For The Love of Cardboard

By GotDesign
This past weekend, my wife and I moved into our new home. On Friday evening, we hosted a House Blessing where we invited close friends to join us in praying in each room of the house to ask God's blessings and continued provision. We had a great turnout. On Saturday morning, I wasn't sure how many would show up to help us move. By 9 a.m. we just had our closest friends. So I was concerned. But within 15 minutes, another four of our good friends showed up and we accomplished the move in record time.

Despite the natural drudgery of a move, Saturday was a very good day. Our best friends -- Robin & Patrick -- stayed with us well past the conclusion of the move. We started unpacking, got dinner and spent some quality time together.

At present, my home is filled with cardboard. I'm beginning to think I may be witnessing the dawn of a new lifeform. But the bulk of the work of moving occurs after the new home is occupied. Emptying all of the boxes and storing their contents is the truly hard work. Yesterday, we went in search of drapes, curtains and the accoutrements to hang them. Tonight I have too many other commitments to do any work on the house. But I've planned another busy evening for Wednesday -- including diving into the crawl space to search for a valve for the water line to the refrigerator.

Please pray that the cardboard lifeforms do not move beyond self-awareness and begin trying to capture territory and force us out of our new home.

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