Prayers Needed

By GotDesign
Last Friday I lost my job. The company I worked for had two lines of business. The owner of the business decided to close the division I managed. No warning. This came as quite a shock as my wife and I just purchased a house.

So I am now back on the job market. I would greatly appreciate your prayers regarding my situation. I am quite certain that God will take care of me. There is no doubt about that. My only concern is where God will lead me. It's like being on a sled ride down a snow-covered hill with a blindfold on. Brisk. Refreshing. Fast-paced. But nerve-wracking.

As I told many friends on Friday, this is where I prove that my walk matches my talk. Just as Paul discussed the war within him in Romans chapter 7, I too have an inner struggle between my faith that God will provide and the human desire for utter security. But, as I have mentioned, I am confident in my Heavenly Father. Please pray for me.


UPDATE: I have been interviewed for a very promising opportunity. I hope to hear something about this opportunity next week. However, in the interim if you would like to see my resume -- maybe pass it to someone -- send me an e-mail. And thanks for your continued prayers.

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