Die Santa Die

By GotDesign
This year we have seen a more mainstream effort to end the attacks on the Christian aspects of the Christmas holiday. But we're also seeing some more blatant attacks on Christmas in its secular aspects. A Miami Beach, FL citizen has strung up Santa (HT: Drudge).

Miami Beach resident Ron Stroia took a large Santa doll (photos) and bound its hands and feet together, blindfolded it, and has hanged it in a noose up in a tree in plain sight of all neighborhood residents. Many of Mr. Stroia's neighbors have complained to police and have asked to have it taken down. Police have responded that they cannot remove the bound Santa because Mr. Stroia has a constitutionally-protected right to free speech.

Mr. Stroia obviously received a lump of coal at some point during his youth and still bears the emotional scars thereof. I have served my country in order to protect our Constitutional rights -- free speech included -- but Mr. Stroia's actions are repugnant. While "Free Speech" is protected, the Supreme Court has placed limits on free speech. Personally, I would say that this type of action is tantamount to inciting to riot. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if someone climbed the tree at night and freed Santa.

So let's all take up the cheer, Free Santa! Free Santa!

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