In Flux

By GotDesign
flux (noun) - ...
2 : a continuous moving on or passing by (as of a stream)

Well, my life has sort of calmed down for the moment. I just started my new job a few weeks ago. I am so busy now that I don't have time to do freelance graphic design work -- which is what I had hoped to be able to do. So, where does this leave me? I'm not really sure.

Part of me just wants to be involved in nothing else outside of work. A part of me wants to take on a more significant role at my church -- whether it be in teaching, taking a Bible study, or something yet undefined. And yet another part of me wants to work on a Ph.D.

I just don't know. Those of you who are the prayin' kind, send a word up for me, please.

By the way...
Tak a look at this article comparing Monday Night Football to the MSM's coverage of Iraq. I loved it.

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