Withholding Judgment

By GotDesign
While scanning Drudge, I came across a story about the upcoming NBC television series "The Book of Daniel." The show will feature an Episcopal minister who has an addiction to Vicodin, troubles within his church, and he has imaginary conversations with Jesus -- who is actually a character in the series.

Already, Christian organizations have begun calling for NBC affiliates to boycott the show. Many affiliates have been receiving phone calls and e-mails regarding the program, but it has even aired yet. I, however, am withholding judgment. No one has even seen the show yet. And while I find it difficult to accept a show with an imaginary Jesus character, it is possible -- repeat possible -- that it might actually be an OK program. I don't have a problem with the main character's addiction to Vicodin, because that is a problem common with painkillers and ministers/priests are, after all, common people.

Let's just wait and see how this show will portray Christians and Christianity before we raise a howl. But if it does take a derogatory approach to Christianity, then let us ask NBC to cancel the series and ask the affiliates to not air the show locally.

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