Do It Vulcan Style, Baby

By GotDesign
One of the most effective techniques of comedy is to take something that is widely know and accepted -- and, if possible, well integrated into the culture -- and give it new or different attributes such that the difference created is comic.

Case in point: G4 TV -- the technology and gaming network -- decided to broadcast the original Star Trek television series with some additions. They added a scrolling chat dialog at the bottom of the screen, list the number of times Cpt. Kirk's shirt gets torn -- you know, take advantage of the campy nature of the old series.

To advertise this re-issue of Star Trek, G4 got an advertising campaign that featured the stop animation of Star Trek action figures. You have to see them! Check out the links below.

Star Trek Karaoke
No Wi-Fi
Star Trek Poolside
Star Trek Cribs
Star Trek Cribs - Director's Cut

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