US Position on Israel

By GotDesign
Much has been made of late about the U.S. government's lack of commentary on Israel's attacks into southern Lebanon. Many have taken this as another opportunity to attack President Bush on his foreign policy (although it's not like they seem to lack any opportunities for attacking Bush -- they often make up opportunities). Critics seem to think that because the President (until recently) had not made any comments about Israel's foray against Hezbollah that it indicates a lack of a position or policy.

Many have even called for President Bush to appoint former-President Clinton as special envoy to the Middle east for the purpose of calling all parties to talks. this does not surprise me as Clinton seemed to be only capable of talking when it came to his own foreign policy. And all of this talking that took place during the late 1990s only allowed organizations like Hezbollah to build up their strength and weapons in order to press future attacks.

Very few (apart from most conservative pundits) have called into question Iran's part in Hezbollah's attacks on Israel. It has been quite obvious that from the time President Ahmadinejad took office that Iran was going to step up its antagonism of Israel -- possibly to the point of a nuclear attack. It is beginning to get some notice that many of the rockets that Hezbollah is firing into Israel are of Iranian manufacture.

But, back to my main point -- US policy regarding the current hostilities. It has become an unfortunate mantra that hostilities -- real or threatened -- should always be met first with negotiations. But, as I've mentioned in the past, negotiations will only work when all parties are committed to resolve the conflict. If (as is the case with Hezbollah, Syria and Iran) one party in the conflict has no desire for conflict resolution, but only wants to press its attacks, then peace is only "that blessed time when all [terrorists] pause to reload."

America's best policy in regard to Israel's attacks into Southern Lebanon is to allow Israel to decimate Hezbollah and create the buffer space it is looking for. With the degree of hatred that Hezbollah, Iran and Syria have for Israel, it will only be through military might that Israel will win an all too brief respite from these attacks. Total eradication of Israel is the only goal Hezbollah, Iran and Syria have. Therefore, talks will only buy time for re-arming and escalating the battle.

The U.S. is taking the correct stance on Israel -- let them press their advantage and destroy Hezbollah. Maybe a call should be made to coordinate anti-terrorist activities with the Lebanese government thus aiding both Israel and Lebanon. Either way, enemies of civilization are being eradicated. So I will say, "drive on Israel, drive on."

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