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Just thought I'd take a moment to make a post. I used to be a more prolific blogger, but my job has gotten more interesting since then. Much more interesting. So, when I get home, I'm not quite so eager to spend time on the computer. Anyway, I'll try to get better (especially as the election progresses).

Speaking of the election, I'm following the Florida Primary rather closely at the moment. With more than 30% of the precincts reporting, it's still anybody's game (at 8:30pm EST). I'm a Romney supporter, so I'm pulling for Mitt.

I can't believe the vitriol that I'm hearing from McCain against Romney. He's made any number of rancorous attacks on Romney. I heard a automated phone message that McCain sent out in Florida that accused Romney of being for abortion on demand and supporting gay marriage. But we all know that Romney is against both these issues. Hopefully, McCain will stop this type of campaigning soon.

Just my opinion.

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  1. Anonymous 5:06 PM
    Yes, McCain did slam Romney. Like some of the other candidates have done to each other as well. They all deserve to be on http://www.hypocrisy.com. if you ask me.

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