Super Bowl

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Disclaimer: I am generally disinterested in most major league sports in the U.S. Baseball -- juiced, who cares. Basketball...uhhhh. Football... I'm sorry, what'd you say? Just don't care.

I loved last night's Super Bowl! That was an exciting football game! And on top of it all, I enjoyed watching the underdogs -- NY Giants -- when at the very end of the game. WOW! A touchdown pass with only 35 seconds remaining in game! WOW!

The Giants' defense was all over Tom Brady like a cheep suit. Tom Brady was covered in cheep , polyester plaid. And Eli Manning just did a great job on keeping focused. And that tackle he shook off in the 4th quarter! Great job!

And the commercials, which is the reason I usually watch the Super Bowl, were excellent. In particular, I enjoyed the Planters Cashews, the Coke parade balloons, the Will Ferrell Budweiser ad, the FedEx carrier pigeons, and the Bridgestone tires' ads were hilarious!

Just thought I'd chime in.

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