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As you already know, I'm unemployed. I've been unemployed for nearly 4 months. Things are getting tight. I just received an e-mail from a close friend. This friend -- who will remain nameless at present -- has recently come into some small profit in a venture and has offered to share some of this profit with my wife and I in our time of need.

Being unemployed is difficult for a number of reasons. The obvious reason being financial. But often more devastating is the emotional toll that unemployment takes on (especially) a man. Unemployment shows us that we are not truly in control of our circumstances. It is extremely difficult for a man to not be able to provide for his family. Feelings of worthlessness threaten to drown him.

But praise be to God for his compassion! He sees us in our need and provides for us according to his plan for us. In his time, he provides for us. Below is my reply to this close friend's offer of assistance:
As you know, the one thing that truly separates us from God is our own pride. The pride that says we can do things for ourselves. It is pride that keeps us from admitting our need, whether that need is spiritual or (in this case) physical. Pride drove Cain to kill Able after being recognized for his better sacrifice. Pride led Moses to strike the rock in the desert without God's direction. The Bible is filled with examples of people giving in to pride instead of trusting in God.

Trusting requires humility. Humility that we're are not "all that and a bag of chips." Humility requires that we acknowledge the truth of our situation. The truth is that we would have nothing without God. God works in our world to see that we have provision. In his divine wisdom, he uses people in this world to accomplish that provision. God is using you and [your wife], [Name], to provide for his people. And that is truly humbling.

Melanie and I would like accept your offer of financial assistance. We are humbled by your consideration of our circumstances. And yet, we are proud of our God who sees our need and has compassion. We are so thankful to you and Mimi that words are not sufficient (despite the long-winded nature of this e-mail). What I have written here is only a small expression of Melanie's and my appreciation of this gift. This act is another jewel in your crown and yet another justification of the warmth and friendship I hold for you.

Thank you very much. May God continue to bless you and your family. May he bless us all.
Once again, all praise be to God for his provision and his compassion!

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good;
his love endures forever. --Psalm 118:1

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