Despicable Tactics

By GotDesign
Recently, the Republican Party released a TV ad entitled "Wolves" that attacked Sen. John Kerry on his poor voting record regarding funding for the Intelligence Community. Below is how some Democrats have responded to that ad:

Hat tips to Froggy Rumionations and Tone of Voice.

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  1. Anonymous 1:57 PM
    That's ridiculous. This kind of ad is exactly the reason I don't like politics. I don't care what party you're a member of, there's no excuse for resulting to such puerile tactics. Is it just my imagination, or is true that Democrats are more likely to do such a thing? I'm currently undecided and leaning toward Bush, and this ad doesn't help me like the Democrats!
  2. GotDesign 2:12 PM
    Yes, and this is not the first such childish and mean response -- see below.

    While I am admittedly biased, I hope you tip more towards Bush.

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