You Think American Politics is Bad

By GotDesign
There are many people, myself among them, who feel that American politics is less about political dialog and more about hysterical screaming and finger-pointing. But I received this [uneditted] letter from an American missionary in the Ukraine. The Ukraine has it much worse than we.

I want to ask you and your churches to join the Christians of Ukraine in prayer for our country. We know that US is also facing elections, the stocks are high, and we pray for you too. But the situation in Ukraine is unbelievably more critical. Let me explain a bit.

Ukraine has to elect a new president on October 31. Today's president, Kuchma, and the criminal businesses backing him up have been involved in many crimes. A couple dozen of politicians and journalists have been killed or disappeared during his reign. Billions of dollars have been stolen from the state economy. The main opposition candidate-Yushenko-has been poisoned. He survived (praise God!) but is still suffering effects.

The group in power has committed many crimes. Yushenko (opposition candidate) is much more popular in the poles. The government knows: if Yushenko becomes president, many of them will have to face trial, and maybe even death sentence. That's why they are promoting their puppet pro-government candidate-Yanukovich-today's prime-minister. Yanukovich has been in prison for robbery and rape, when he was young. He makes spelling mistakes in easy words and uses criminal slang in his speeches.

The government clan controls almost all the media. Only a couple TV channels and a few newspapers tell the truth and are suffering enormous pressure from the state. The pro-government candidate Yanukovich is being promoted with countless violations of the law. They lie, use they state resources, threaten people, and bribe them. But in spite of all their efforts, Yushenko (opposition) is still more popular.

Therefore, the government is planning to either cheat in the counting, or simply thwart election and continue to hold the political power by force. They are bringing more and more troops to Kiev and the major cities. By the way, the police, and the state security service have long been used for the pro-government campaign, instead of protecting the people. They block roads, preventing commercial buses and even railroad trains to bring people to opposition rallies.

Well, it's hard to describe it in one short letter. I hope I gave you a general picture. There are some links below if you want to read more. My plea to you is very serious: please join us in prayer for Ukraine! It's an extremely critical moment for our country. Many churches in Ukraine are praying and fasting about it. Our country has been very corrupt lately, but it can turn even worse.

We pray for God to overthrow the plots of the evil people. We ask Him to prevent bandits from usurping political power. Of course, we cannot see hearts as He can, but the main opposition candidate Yushenko seems to be an honest, decent, caring person. He was the prime-minister in 1999-2001 and seemed to really care for the country and for the people. He knew very well that running for the president now can cost him his life. Remember, many have been assassinated already in the last 7 years or so. There have been at least a couple attacks on Yushenko already, including a poisoning. So, we also pray for his health. Yushenko professes to be an Orthodox Christian and I see reasons to believe he is sincere.

Anyway, if it's according to His will, we ask God to give us an honest, God-fearing government that would care for the country and for the people. Of course, we understand that there has to be a Christian revival in the nation. There has to be enough moral people in the country to back up the godly leaders. On the other hand, the Bible is clear that people tend to grow lukewarm, cold, and turn away from God when things go smoothly. And when we get in trouble-then we seek God more. This is very clear in the OT, especially in the book of Judges. So, maybe God wants to give the people of Ukraine an even more evil government, so that when trouble comes people would turn to Him more? Could be. It's hard to accept, but if Ukraine needs troubles and suffering in order to repent, let His will be done. Ultimately, the spread of God's kingdom in people's hearts is more important then our earthly well-being.

I hope you understand now what to pray for. Please announce this prayer request in your churches and everywhere. The future of Ukraine is going to be decided next week, no exaggeration. Please pray for peace, that God may spare us from violence. Pray against evil plots of the bandits in power, for a godly new government. But most importantly-pray for a Christian revival in Ukraine and the spread of God's kingdom whatever the outcome of this crisis.

How's that for tough politics? Please pray for both the Ukraine and Christian missionaries currently witnessing there.

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  1. alex 2:59 AM
    "Yanukovich has been in prison for robbery and rape..."

    In fact, the rape charges against Yanukovich never went to trial - his jail sentence was purely for robbery.

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