I'm Not Worthy! I'm Not Worthy!

By GotDesign
This morning, I arrived at work and followed my morning ritual of checking e-mail and surfing the Web. I received an e-mail from GreatBlueWhale commenting on my recent post about art and politics at the St. James Art Show. His closing remark was to congratulate me for being listed as one of Hugh Hewitt's blogs of the month.

I read it again.

Yes, he said Hugh Hewitt's blogs of the month. But he can't be serious, can he?

I immediately opened a new browser tab and surfed to HH's site -- but the site was down. I tried again...still down. Arrrghhh! Can it be true? I can't confirm. Then I connected with Commissioner Hewitt's site.

It's true! It's true! Right there on the left-hand column -- GotDesign. What a rush! I only started blogging about two weeks ago. Wow!

Please don't misunderstand. I'm not trying to blow my own horn. (I don't have a horn of my own. Okay, I once had a euphonium, but not a true horn. But I digress.) It's just that Hugh Hewitt, through his radio program, introduced me to blogging. And it is very encouraging to receive a nod from the High Commissioner of the Blogosphere. But, before I get ahead of myself...

To God be the glory for putting that spongy gray stuff between my ears and teaching me how to use it.

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