Stop The Madness

By GotDesign
Recently I have heard, both through old media news and through the blogosphere, that there have been numerous attacks on Rupblican campaign offices across the nation. Offices have been shot at and/or stormed by liberal extremists who are trying to obstruct the Republican effort to conduct their campaign. They may also be trying to influence campaign workers -- especially those senior citizens who volunteer their time. This is despicable.

I find it truly ironic that Democrats charge that President Bush has been devisive and not the uniter he promised to be. Well, you cannot unite people who do not want to be united. It is also of note that a great majority of the Democrats are not necessarily pro-Kerry/Edwards, but anti-Bush/Cheney. These extremists within the Democrats have constantly labelled President Bush as stupid, compared him with Hitler, and are now violently attacking campaign offices. All this time, they have also been attacking Vice President Cheney on his former employment at Halliburton. They have taken so much time in forming attacks against Bush/Cheney that they've had no time to formulate policy.

I lament the changes in the political times. There used to be a time when there was an honest debate about ideas for governing (see Hugh Hewitt's discussion of Wendall Wilkie and FDR). But now, the Democrats (jealous of the power they so covet) only attack opponents, regardless of the effects of those attacks on the country, the domestic and foreign policies, and the American troops in the field. I'm hoping that those who have been left behind by the Democrats will stand up and take their party back from the hate-mongerers and extreme leftists and restore it to an honorable position in the American polity.

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  1. theJackal 4:04 PM
    Political Compass Questionaire fill in this questioniare to get a compass of where your politcal views lie.

    and when you get the final result, open up the "printable graph" one and post the url for it on your sample result note: this is not mine, just a very neutral sample example.

    you might be surprised where it puts you, maybe not...

    hope you find this as interesting as i did.

    (and the only similarity between george and hitler is there on the same quarter of a square.... big woop...)

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