The Truth About Embryonic Stem Cells

By GotDesign

On Monday, Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards commented that under a Kerry Administration, Kerry/Edwards would use embryonic stem cell research to help people like Christopher Reeve get out of their wheelchairs. He also lambasted the Bush Administration for "banning" embryonic stem cell research.

First, even Christopher Reeve admitted in an interview in Reader's Digest that embryonic stem cell research has little promise for injuries like his. In an interview for the October 2004 issue of Reader's Digest, Reeve said that embryonic stem cell research is "not able to do much about chronic injuries." Most reports support that claim and go on to say that embryonic stem cell research currently shows little promise. Even NPR (hardly a conservative organization) says that "Despite the enthusiasm for embryonic stem cell research exhibited by patient advocacy groups and some politicians, no one knows when -- or if -- the research would lead to new treatments for diseases."

Adult stem cell research, conversely, is healing people today. Adult stem cell research and treatments using adult stem cells are currently helping people with diabetes, heart disease and certain neurological disorders. The outlook for adult stem cells is outstanding. In fact, recent research has found an "ultimate stem cell" that can possibly become any other type of tissue in body. So, from a business point of view, adult stem cell research provides a better return on investment. But I don't think that decisions about stem cell research should be made based on financial ROI considerations. I think such decisions should be made based on research/treatment-ROI considerations. In other words, more should be done with adult stem cells, rather than embryonic stem cells, because adult stem cells actual provide practical treatment options. Besides, there is an unspoken danger in using embryonic stem cells -- when used in test animals, embryonic stem cells have caused tumors.

Back to John Edwards. Sen. Edwards alleged that the Bush Administration has banned embryonic stem cell research. In fact, this is not the case. The Bush Administration actually funds embryonic stem cell research, but limits that research to existing lines of embryonic stem cells (those currently on hand). Private embryonic stem cell research is being conducted that is not subject to federal funding limitations. Private research is completely legal and is also being privately funded and, those who wish to do so, can donate embryonic tissues for this private research. So, contrary to Sen. Edwards’ comments, embryonic stem cell research is ongoing, but does not show much promise at present.

Personally, I think God engineered this to be so. I know that God, the creator of life, cries over constant slaughter of unborn children, The Kerry/Edwards plan would allow the fertilization and gestation of human embryos for the sole purpose of embryonic stem cell research. This is another form of abortion, because these embryos would be harvested for their stem cells and the eliminated. Human beings grown for their parts and then destroyed! This cannot be allowed.

Pray for our country.


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  1. Matthew Heidt 5:15 PM
    Your final paragraph is the most important. There is no way that God would design us so that our embryos would be useful for anything but creating a human being. This will eventually be proven scientifically, and this fact will provide another form of evidence of the intelligent design of our Creator. Froggy
  2. GotDesign 10:24 AM
    Thanks, Froggy. My wife and I were discussing this last night. We both feel that God has created roadblocks within the human design to inhibit man's rampant arrogance. Embryonic stem cells will not work, in much the same way the human cloning will not work. It's the Tower of Babel and the cellular level.
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