Ding Dong, The Witch is Dead?

By GotDesign
Conflicting reports are comming out of France that Yasser Arafat may be dead. Israeli news agencies cite unnamed hospital sources for claiming that Arafat is, at least, brain-dead. But Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qurie claims that Arafat is not dead, but remains in ICU.

In similar news, reports are coming out of Russia claiming that Leonid Brzhnev is feeling a little under the weather.

But seriously, if Arafat is dead...good! Maybe now Israel and Palestine can make some progress towards peace. But as long as the leadership of Palestine continue to pursue the annihilation of the Jewish state of Israel, there will be no peace. Hopefully, a more moderate Palestinian will come to power there and put this conflict to rest.

Well, Arafat is not quite dead yet. But maybe he won't be long?

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