Why the Democrats Can't Win

By GotDesign
I was surfing the Blogosphere and came across this article linked at Drudge. It seems that the Democrats have lost 5 out of the last 7 elections because the "right wing...cultivate[s] and exploit[s] ignorance in the citizenry." In other words, you're too stupid to make informed decisions and you've fallen into the web of deceit and lies of the vast right wing conspiracy. Jane Smiley spends the rest of her article talking about how the American electorate is ignorant because they:

1. Are filled with blood lust -- citing a riot in the 1860s (despite the fact that Republicans were abolitionists and Democrats favored maintaining slavery -- see her article)
2. Are religious
3. Name callers -- you are ... a bad lot, join our side
4. Promote continued ignorance

Okay. So we (conservatives/Republicans) are name callers? We're filled with condescention? But you, Ms. Smiley, can lift us from our ignorance? Shall we just get in line, then?

To cast this as a "black pot and kettle" situation gives way too much credence to her argument. I can't believe that people can think like this.

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