Hugh Hewitt Live!

By GotDesign
I just got back from Hugh Hewitt's live broadcast from the Frazier Historical Arms Museum. What a great show. Not only did I get to meet Hugh, but I also got to meet with some of my fellow Louisville bloggers -- Dawn from SWFw/Attitude and Dodd from Ipse Dixit. GotDesign received another mention on Hugh's site.

Apart from the experience of being at a live radio broadcast, I also had the opportunity to speak with Hugh after the show. Hugh and I discussed some exciting ideas for blogging. I hope to roll out some of those ideas soon, both here at GotDesign, but also at the newly launched Cardinal Coalition. I was surprised (once again, but Hugh had already heard of the Coalition (we just started blogging this week!). But Hugh also found my site early on (only 4 days into my blogging life). He doesn't miss much. I hope to have some photos to post on Monday (or so).

Thanks again, Hugh.

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