Don't Put Up Your Broom Just Yet

By GotDesign
It doesn't look like DCI Porter Goss has finished his housecleaing at the CIA. More classified documents being leaked to the New York Times. The leaks are once again painting the situation in Iraq as deteriorating. Of course it's deteriorating! There is just under two months until popular elections in Iraq and the Baath Party loyalists and foreign terrorists who causing the problems are stepping up their temper tantrum. But the situation is by no means a spiral of doom, beyond control. We have plenty of ammunition. We'll be happy to give the terrorists as many rounds of ammo as necessary -- with express delivery.

I think the CIA should start employing special methods to track individual copies of memoranda and reports in order to determine where the leaks are. Once found, send them packing. Maybe even charge them with unlawful disclosure of classified information. Whichever path, show them the door.

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