Slap on the Wrists

By GotDesign
A while back, I posted my comments regarding the report of Army Reservists who refused an order to go on a supply convoy. The Army just released its decision on their punishment -- an Article 15 "non-judicial" punishment. A slap on the wrists, possibly accompanied by a mean look. The Army decided not to pursue a court martial for the 18 soldiers in question. For those of you who are not veterans, an Article 15 punishments include a combination of fines or forfeiture of pay, and short-term restrictions. This would be laughable if it weren't for the circumstances of the offense.

These 18 Army Reservists refused a lawful order to perform convoy duty in a combat zone. Other soldiers were depending on the supplies these Reservists were to have transported. In the Army, everyone depends on the combined efforts all armed forces within the combat zone, and some outside of the theater of operations. The infantryman relies on the supply services of the quartermaster to keep supplied with ammunition, food, and various others combat-related supplies. By refusing this mission, although I do not know the manifest of the refused supply convoy, these 18 soldiers also refused to support other soldiers who were in harm's way. It is my opinion that these 18 Reservists should have had the proverbial book thrown at them. I would have their duty-shirking butts sitting before a Court Martial. I don't care if there were mitigating circumstances. There were other ways to have any issues addressed short of refusing a mission.

I don't know why the Army chose not to prosecute these soldiers. I think it is a mistake. What do you think?

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