Orange Tsunami Approaching Kiev

By GotDesign
Ukraine's electoral "do-over" is scheduled for this Sunday, December 26th. Already, members of Leonid Kuchma's presidential administration are jumping ship in favor of opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko while others who have expressed limited support of Yushchenko have been fired. Several regional governors, whose regions voted overwhelmingly for Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich in the second round of elections, are jumping ship. According to Ukrainian former president Leonid Kravchuk, even Yanukovich's chief parliamentary supporter and senior member of Kuchma's government, Viktor Medvedchuk, has resigned.

Another senior member of Leonid Kuchma's government, Volodymyr Satsiuk -- first deputy chariman of the Ukrainian Secret Service (SSU), was recently fired. This dismissal, however, could be a means for Kuchma to distance himself from Viktor Yushchenko's recent poisoning. Satsiuk hosted a "late-night dinner" with Yushchenko on September 6th, after which Yushchenko was discovered to be suffering from Dioxin poisoning. Hmmmmm. I wonder how that happened.

Roll on, Orange tide. Bring on a free Ukraine.

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