Photos of 2004 -- III

By GotDesign

It is not often that one man can change America so bodly. I can remember President Ronald Reagan's first innaugural address. I was only 12 years old, but I remember that it stirred me deeply. I was never so completely American as when I heard President reagan affirm that "we have every right to dream heroic dreams." To me, Ronald Reagan is the benchmark for American optimism and patriotism.

Seeing this picture also reminds me of another aspect of president Reagan's life -- his absolute love for his wife, Nancy. Ronald and Nancy loved each other. I mean REALLY loved each other. Just as it is important for a mother and father to display their love in front of their children (to set the example), Ron and Nancy Reagan displayed for America that loving your spouse is vitally more important than being a successful politician. Happily for us, Ronald Reagan was both a greatly successful politician and a loving husband.

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