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Last night, I called the Hugh Hewitt show. Now, normally when I try to call, I get a busy signal. So I was wonderfully surprised to actually get through. As I talked to Hugh about the Groningen Protocol, I began to realize that the core issue at stake was responsibility. The Groningen Academic Hospital does not want to take responsibility for children who will require what they consider excessive medical assistance. Instead of extended themselves to care for the needy children, they would rather put them out of their (the hospital's?) misery. They have cloaked themselves in a supposed concern for suffering. But, as Hugh pointed out, the children in question cannot communicate their suffering. So doctors at Groningen are making an assumption about a child's supposed suffering. As Matt, from FroggyRuminations, pointed out on Tuesday evening's HH show, being a government run healthcare facility, Groningen could be looking for a way to cut costs -- either now or in the future. Regardless of motivation -- whether for suffering or budgetary concerns -- Groningen, and maybe all of the Netherlands, is shirking their responsibility for caring for those in their society who are least capable of caring for themselves. As Hugh, Dr. David Allen White and Dr. Mark Roberts pointed out on Tuesday evening, this is how the Nazis got started in the 1930s -- by getting rid of the unproductive members of society.

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